Let's practice!

Do you want to find a safe space where you can be your authentic self & value your own pace of learning?
Do you agree that yoga is a sustained practice and not a quick fix?

Some movement fun with a mix of:
                             Bio-mechanics | Micro-movement awareness
Ayurveda | Nada Yoga
            Mindfulness | Behavioural science

Live Zoom classes

Regular monthly batches where we can all meet virtually to practice together - a shared virtual space to grow together!
If you wish to refine your practice then we share the responsibility of being present in the now. To react and be receptive to verbal adjustment cues is highlighted in an online practice - presence is how we all meet together in a virtual setting.

Online Courses

A tastefully curated set of yoga courses for you to carry your practice with you wherever you are. Learn from a diverse array of yoga courses - the beauty of the human condition lies in its variety!

Yoga is for everyone

There are many ways to understand how we function as conscious beings.
Yogic science is one of them. 
What is yoga for you?
Is it movement, breath, devotion or everything you do every day?

At Anukarma, we learn to look at yoga from a lens of deep curiosity and surrender. Combining the yin and the yang -
the intuition & the knowledge.

Get to know us!

Anukarma's core belief lies in variety of movement, micro-movement awareness and respect for the amalgamation of ancient Indian wisdom & researched backed Western Science.

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